Locally grown.

Freshly harvested.

Beyond organic.

The future of farming is here.

Rethinking Farming

This is not your typical farm. In fact, we’re totally different. We grow our plants indoors in controlled environments with cutting edge farming technologies using no soil, no sunlight and 99% less water. Every plant is carefully nurtured and monitored throughout its life cycle, in an entirely automated farming process that is clean and consistent.

Food you can trust

We are the next step up from organic. We use zero pesticides, chemicals, or artificial fertilizers and isolate our facilities from the outside world to prevent contaminations from happening in the first place. We collect thousands of data points throughout the lifecycle of each plant which we analyze using AI to guarantee optimal conditions for our plants and the best product for you.  

We grow every kind of green you can dream of

Leafy greens

Herbs and Edible Flowers


Sprouts & Shoots

Delivered same-day as harvest 

A true farm-to-table experience. We harvest our products right before delivery to ensure peak freshness and flavour.

Better than organic

Our plants are grown using no soil, pesticides or chemicals whatsoever. This is not only better for the environment but provides you with a superior product.

Nurtured natural environments

Our plants are grown in clean, isolated, controlled environments. We obey our plants’ every desire and give them the best living conditions to promote natural growth.

Available year-round

Our farms are designed to survive even the harshest of Canadian winters, allowing us to operate every single day of the year. 
Contact us to learn more

100 Sunrise Ave,  Toronto, ON M4A 1B3

Email: info@satellitefarms.com | Tel: +1-647-801-1604

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