The Future of Farming is here

We build and operate indoor vertical farms that grow healthy foods year-round regardless of seasonality. We grow plants completely organically using no soil, no sunlight and 99% less water than traditional farming.

Isolated Controlled Environments

We set up our farms in sterile, acclimatized warehouse environments that are completely isolated from the outside world. This eliminates all contaminants from entering our facility, and allows us to closely monitor and maintain the optimal environment for our plants’ growth.

Aeroponic Farming

We suspend the plants’ roots in air on a reusable microfiber cloth that simulates soil conditions and supports our plants from seed to harvest. A specialized misting system then atomizes a custom-crafted nutrient-water solution directly onto the roots of the plant, allowing them to thrive into superior foods.

Nutrient and Light Recipes

Plants are what they eat, and not all plants are created equal. We craft unique nutrient and light recipes for every plant type to provide them with exactly what they need to thrive– nothing more, nothing less. We supply the optimal conditions and the plants do the rest, growing better, faster, tastier, and more nutritious.





Better than organic




Less Water



Unlike even organic farmers, we never spray any pesticides or chemicals on our plants, nor do we even need to. Our farms are designed to prevent pests, diseases and other micro-organisms from infiltrating our facilities. And if something does enter our farm, we use organic compounds and processes to eliminate it.



Automated data-driven farming

We leverage cutting edge technologies including AI, robotics and IoT to operate a fully automated farm from seed to harvest and significantly decrease our reliance on human labour. We collect thousands of data points throughout the life-cycle of every plant which we use to do things like predict harvests and yields or optimize our nutrient-light recipes.

Cleanroom Standards

All of our humans follow strict guidelines and processes when entering and exiting our facility including mandatory gowning and disinfection stations to prevent any unwanted microorganisms from hitching a ride into our farm. We also leverage proprietary nanotechnology to actively disinfect our farms' water and air supply from biological threats like bacteria and viruses.


We are shortening the supply chain, significantly reducing the miles driven from farm to fork while promoting local food security, safety and sovereignty. And greens are just the beginning, we are researching new technologies to bring you more food options from sweet cherry tomatoes to  to the freshest fish you will ever eat.

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