Rent your own plot of farmland where we grow your favourite foods for you

How does it work?


Subscribe to MyFarm

Choose a plot size subscription plan and create an account


Choose what to grow

Configure your plot with the greens you want every week on our mobile and web app


Weekly delivery same-day as harvest

We deliver your greens at your front door the same day as harvest. You can skip or pause anytime.

Frequently asked questions

What is MyFarm?

MyFarm is a subscription service where you can rent a virtual plot of farmland on our farm and choose what you want us to grow for you using our mobile and web app. We then deliver your customized basket of greens weekly to your door the same day as harvest.

Where are you located?

We are currently only servicing households in Toronto, ON.

What makes MyFarm different?

MyFarm is a reinvented farm-to-table experience, where you choose what to farm without all the hassle and expertise of actually farming. This is community-supported agriculture (CSA) taken to the next level.

How does the subscription service work?

Based on your selected plan and plot size, you can pick and choose what greens are grown and delivered to you the following week. To modify your farmland configuration, you must log in to our web or mobile app and do so 1 week before your next delivery.

Do I actually rent a physical plot in your farm?

Yes and No. We reserve your farmland uniquely for you, but think of it as a distributed plot across our farm based on the plant varieties you choose on a week-to-week basis. This helps us provide you with a much wider variety of produce.

What are the benefits of pre-ordering?

We are building a limited capacity farm and pre-ordering would guarantee your indefinite supply of healthy foods year-round.

Can I skip or cancel my subscription?

Yes you can choose to skip a delivery or cancel your subscription indefinitely by simply doing so on our website or mobile app 48 hours prior to your next delivery. We will try our best to accommodate skip requests or cancellations after that cut-off time.

Do you offer a refund?

Yes, your satisfaction is our priority. Please contact customer service if there is any issue with your delivery.

Will I be charged for skipped deliveries?

No, unless you skip after the cut-off time of 48 hours before your next delivery.